It’s Personal

Friends Power Walking in Park

Sometimes you’ll hear people wonder why Jesus didn’t come to earth today, given all the communications technology. Just think, he could have broadcasted the Sermon on the Mount via satellite, and reached millions, if not billions of people. The networks could have picked up His miracles, and we could have recorded them to watch over and over. He could have done webinars, going through all His parables with us. The possibilities are endless! So why did God select that time for Christ to come?

If you think about it, Jesus focused His attention on twelve men. Sure, there were the sermons He preached to the thousands of people, but the majority of His time was spent with individuals, or with this small group of men. It was personal. He knew them, and they knew Him. They knew the pains and stress each had. They ate together, talking about the events of the day, including what they had seen, heard, and learned. They really knew each other.

Our relationship with Jesus today is personal. It’s a one-on-one, private, intimate relationship which allows Him to know us, and for us to know Him. God didn’t intend for this to be the type of relationship that a rock star has with fans. Jesus didn’t have security keeping people from Him. He mingled with the crowds, and even knew when someone touched him, realizing that they had been healed Mark5:24-32). He knew and still knows the needs of each of us.

This personal relationship doesn’t depend on status. We are all sinners. Jesus associates with leaders of countries, with ministers, with prostitutes who are trying to escape that lifestyle, with drug users who can’t shake a habit, and with those who just need the comfort of His presence.

As you think about your witness to a friend who doesn’t know Him yet, think about your relationship with Christ. What do you need to do to emulate this so that your friend can get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a friend of Jesus? Again, it’s personal. What pains does your friend have? What are his or her needs? Do they need you to help them out of a bad situation, or to just listen to them? Know that this will take time. Jesus took three years with His disciples to give them the understanding of who He was, and that was everyday, all day. While you don’t have to live with your friend, it’s important that you are close with regular touches to see how they are. Think about it from the perspective that you are their line to Jesus.

Make this a priority. Their eternal salvation is at stake.


One thought on “It’s Personal

  1. Ketan says:

    Good points. Especially the last one.
    And yes, Jesus did not have Kalashnikov-toting guards around him to ensure no one interrupted his preaching. He got in direct touch with the Samaritan woman, the adulteress, the woman with the issue of blood, and others. He gets in direct touch with us – if we choose to pause, step aside, and listen to him.


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