Politics and Christianity

Politics in the US today is a very volatile subject. So much so, we are seeing it become divisive in the Church. The recent topic of the immigration ban has spurred a lot of talk. One recent article implied that if you support the ban, you can’t be a true evangelical Christian. There is so much emotion that we lose track of the facts. It sucks us in to a world of manipulation and games, making us lose sight of our mission; saving souls for Christ.

This divisiveness goes to a personal level, too. We are seeing marriages and families destroyed, not just because of disagreement of opinions, but because the spouse has become so involved in the political game that they are ignoring those who should be most important to them. The political game is as addictive as a drug. The deeper you get, the more intrigue and power that is realized. Knowing powerful people becomes important. Pride kicks in and the drug becomes stronger.

What part, then, should politics play in the Church today? There are many social issues that we as Christians take a stand against. We fight for pro-life legislation, defending the rights of the unborn. We ask for legislation that protect family values, such as marriage defined as between one man and one woman. Is it wrong to support these issues?

The real issue is where we put our focus. We are easily distracted by these issues, which causes us to take our eye off the main cause, and even to lose sight of the real solution. Our focus should be on Christ and doing the will of God. These social issues are just symptoms of the disease known as sin. As we dive deeper into these issues, we find that the root cause is sexual immorality, pride, and etcetera. Surveys show that the main reason for abortion is that of not wanting the responsibility of having a child, many of which are occurring are of wedlock. The sin? Sexual immorality, specifically adultery. Society has made it convenient to do whatever you want whenever you want and not pay a price for a bad decision. We do what we want because “we deserve it”. This self-centered attitude leads us to think higher of ourselves than we should. Pride kicks in and then the fall.

We must not get enamored with the glitz of politics. We must, instead, keep our eye on Christ, and reaching out to the lost. Does that mean we ignore these social issues? Not at all. We have elected representative to fight these battles, and we should contact them to voice our stance. Make sure, though, that you are able to back this up scripturally. Understand, too, that this is a spiritual war, one that must be battled on our knees. We must rely on God and His guidance, and not that of our own.

One thought on “Politics and Christianity

  1. T.T. says:

    My family was really divided during the election. I was doing everything I could to avoid the topic but I’d have to listen to both sides trying to convince me to join their camp. I felt like I had to lie to them individually by saying I agreed with both of them just to have peace. Now they both think I voted for their candidate but they’re both under orders not to let the other side know.


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