The Unfairness of Equality


There is nothing as unfair as treating everyone equally. Lumping everyone together is not good. I don’t think anyone truly believes that,

  • All criminals are bad.
  • All who are on welfare are lazy.
  • All white people are bad dancers.
  • All blacks are good basketball players.

It’s pretty silly, right? When we make such statements, we are the ones who lose. Everyone is different and unique. We each have our good points and bad.

In the last week, there has been much said and written regarding the temporary ban on allowing refugees into the United States, and many, including Christians, have expressed deep concern over this action. I must admit, I am somewhat concerned, as well, but after considerable thought, have come to this conclusion; this is alright at this time. I am concerned for my brothers and sisters in Christ, refugees who are caught in the bureaucratic red tape of the situation. Remember, though, that this is not a permanent ban. Good people have been helped through the refugee crisis, with many being relocated. However, we have also seen many bad people allowed in to not only the US, but many European countries, who have caused a lot of trouble, including pain and death. To state that all refugees are bad, or all are good is unfair. Each must be judged on their own merit.

The basis of this Executive Order is to do a better job of vetting these people to help protect US citizens. I get that. As a husband, father, and Church leader, it is my job to ensure that those I am charged to protect remain safe. Jesus told us in Matthew 10:16, “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.”

This does not mean I believe we should do nothing. The best thing we can do is pray. We, as Christians, believe that God has a purpose for everything. We trust Him, praying for His will to be done. We can also donate to good, reputable charities who are working closely with these refugee families. Charity Watch ( has provided their recommendations, but I would also recommend you review and be cautious regarding those to whom you send funds. A crisis can bring out the best and the worst in people. Be on your guard.

Finally, don’t believe everything you hear. Be sure you don’t let your emotions run wild, but be objective and do what is right for God, for others, and for those you love.

2 thoughts on “The Unfairness of Equality

  1. Brian Susmilch says:

    I would sincerely appreciate your prayers and support for my blog. You and I definitely on the same page. I pray that the Lord would bless our mutual support as we fulfill our calling to encourage, exhort, and glorify God through our blogs. Thanks.

    – Brian Susmilch


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