Being Offensive


“Hey Stacy, Joe and I are not going to be able to attend your party this weekend. Joe’s taken a second job said he has to work that day. Stacy asked, “Are you guys that strapped for cash?”

Diane was offended. It was really none of Stacy’s business. It was embarrassing, as well. Words can hurt people even though we don’t intend for them to. It’s amazing that God’s words never offend in a way that causes us to fail. While His word may be offending at times, it is offensive in a way that is intended to keep us on the right track and to build us up. God’s word is meant to encourage and correct.

In Acts 15, Paul and Silas or have just cast out a demon in a girl and her owners have had Paul and Silas beaten and thrown in prison, and their feet are been shackled. At midnight they are singing hymns, praying and praising God when suddenly an earthquake shakes the very foundation of the jail. The Jailer begins to pull his sword to take his life, knowing that he will die because of the loss of the prisoners. When Paul stop him, he asks “What must I do to be saved?” After Paul tells him, he and his family accepts Christ within that hour. Even though they are going through adversity Paul and Silas preach words of encouragement and salvation to this man.

Our delivery is so important to helping fellow Christian, as well as our testimony to the lost. In order to make sure you are doing it correctly, take another Christian along to help that you believe would be acceptable to the person to whom you are talking. Ask them to give you feedback on what you said, to watch the other person to ensure that your words are being accepted correctly, and to participate in the conversation, giving another point of view. Some will tell you that this will make the person to whom you are talking with feel like they are being ganged up on. While this could be construed this way, be sure you plan out your presentation so that this doesn’t happen. Remember that Jesus sent His disciples out in pairs!

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