How Are You Witnessing?

Senior father and son talking while having coffee on sofa

Senior father and son talking while having coffee on sofa

Witnessing is one of the most terrifying things a Christian faces. It must be, because no one wants to do it. We have all kinds of excuses, too. Either our life wasn’t bad enough when we were saved, or it’s not good enough now. People wouldn’t believe us, or don’t want to hear what we’ve been through. Today, let’s look at a couple of points in developing our witness to others. It’s not scary or hard. It means that we must be ourselves and listen.

First, understand that witnessing isn’t about us; it’s all about the person to whom we are talking, and about the issues they are facing. We see people struggling everyday with small issues and big ones. We feel we have to say the right things, and to make them feel comfortable.

Second, point to Christ. He is the answer to our problems. If we hold Him up before others, they will see that there is a solution to the problems they are facing, even though it might not be easy.

A friend confided in me yesterday that he spent his lunch hour with a couple in his neighborhood. They have decided to divorce. Neither is seeing another person, they have just grown apart and seem to fight all the time. My friend told them bluntly, “I think that’s a great idea. Let’s see now, you have two young children, right? We are coming into the holiday season, so Christmas for them should be a fun time this year as you two go through the wrangling of this divorce. Your timing is impeccable! I’m sure they will remember it for the rest of their lives!” He stopped and looked at them, and could tell they had suddenly become very uncomfortable.

“I’m getting older,” he said, “and my wife and I have had arguments, fights, and knock-down, drag-outs at times. The older I get, though, and the more I look back on what we’ve been through, I realize our marriage is stronger than ever. I think of the blessing God has given to me as I will sit down to Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday with by children and grandchildren, all that fighting is trivial. I hate to tell you this, but it’s not about you. It’s about your family.”

He said the meeting got better, and they have a lot of follow up to do, but believes they may be on the right track. He invited them to attend Church with him and his wife this week. This isn’t going to be solved quickly, but through a caring friend and the message of Christ, they can get through this and become stronger because of it.

As you think about how you are going to help someone with the issues they are facing, don’t feel that you have to have a scripted entry when talking to them. Be yourself. Be honest and forthright. Most of all show them that you and Jesus care.

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