A Light for the World


“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.” Matthew 5:14

A 20 foot aisle in the big box outdoor store, both sides full of lights. Everything from key fob style of varying colors to pen lights to tactical flashlights to spotlights. Enough light to see the keyhole on your front door, or to light up the countryside with one million candle power.

Next to all these flashlights? Batteries. Lots and lots of batteries. You’ve got to have them to power all that light. Reading the packaging on the lights, you’ll find these powerful lights will drain batteries quickly.

We really don’t like to be in the dark. It’s ironic, though, that so many people today are in the dark in a spiritual sense. They are constantly searching to find something to satisfy the emptiness inside. For some it’s work, while for others it’s drugs, alcohol, and sex. None of this fulfills that need for satisfaction they are seeking. Only God can do that. Our role is to be that light for them; to show them the way out of the darkness. We must use our lives as that light, developing a relationship with others to give them guidance and hope.

Let’s face it, we all have our talents, with some being more blessed in evangelism than others. However, we underestimate the effectiveness our testimony. God has placed trials in our lives. James tells us that these testings of our faith lead to perseverance, which then lead to maturity (James 1:1-4). These trials are what build our testimony, giving us a story to tell others of what God has done to save us. Life isn’t easy, so we must have the strength to battle each day. Our perseverance is critical in this. If our light is strong, but lasts only a short time, we don’t reach many people. A steady, consistent light can be seen a long time.

How much reach do we have with this steady, consistent light? Are we a candle, or a lighthouse? Kevin Krisciunas and Don Carona at Texas A&M University in College Station put the question to the test, how far can a human eye detect a candle flame? Their research showed that the farthest distance is 2.76 kilometers or about 1.6 miles. Using this as an example, think of how many people live within 1.6 miles of you. These people may know you, some more so than others. Your life can be a light to them. If you want to reach further, you need more power. That power comes from God. Work on building this power in your life through prayer, study of God’s word, and getting out and doing for others. Be the light God wants you to be.

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